• Image of Grandfather's Axe 12" LP

"Noisy, sinewy, mathy, violent, metallic hardcore with heart and soul, wrapped in tire irons and dipped in battery acid." - Decibel Magazine

"Anthemic hardcore shrouded in gloom..." - Revolver

"Globe and Beast are in full attack mode on their new album titled Grandfather's Axe... Explosive." - Cvlt Nation

"one seriously pissed-off and heavy album" - Rock n Reel Reviews

01. The Weight
02. Stays The Same
03. Hand Of Glory
04. Body's Sore
05. Actuality Of Chaos
06. Days On Replay
07. Woven Deep Withing
08. A River's Mouth
09. Directions
10. Systems
11. Coexist
12. Creatures Of Habit
13. Grandfather's Axe